This is a kitchen project we installed for the Pickens family, the cabinets are arched American
cherry, the counter top is a cultured granite counter with semi-recessed 10 inch deep stainless
steel sink, and the floor is a Formica brand laminate flooring. The walls have a porcelain tile
with a decorative accent tile. A Chair rail wainscot accents the dinette area in this kitchen.
This is a kitchen we custom milled for the Hlasten family. The doors are a butt matched,
beaded shaker profile that started out as flat stock maple boards. Each door was expertly
crafted and hand sanded to the finest matching detail. The finish is a hand rubbed  gel stain
and topped off with several generous coats of precatalyzed lacquer to give it a high end finish
with crisp optics. The countertop is a high grade wilsonart laminate with stainless steel sink. All
carpentry, finishing and install was done in house by the staff of Able Builders. The secret to the
deep uniform color is to sand the doors fine and then raise the grain of the maple with water
(damp cloth) before staining. This does not work with refinishing.
This is a kitchen for the Dickson's, I told them I was going to call a quilters motif because she
is an avid quilter and it is such a charming kitchen. The cabinets are light oak with extra deep
wall cabinets 42 inches high 15 inches deep to 18 inches deep. The floor is a snap lock
laminate floor and the counter top is a solid surface counter. The kitchen has a nice open feel
because we removed both the bearing and non-bearing walls.
This is one of our master bathroom projects. The Aquaglass whirlpool is sitting on a porcelain
tile tub deck, the porcelain tile skirt panels are both removable for full access to parts below.
The tile is completely bordered with hand carved ogee stone. The fixtures and shower door are
brushed chrome and brushed nickel, the shower door is frameless even at the corner of the
glass panes. The vanity cabinet to the left is sorrell maple with a cultured marble top
This is me, Able Dave, doing some light digging to relax from the grind of the fine detail work.
Alright, I confess there is a backhoe just to the left of the picture. On this project we pulled a forty
foot long brick retaining wall that was nine feet tall into position with an eighteen inch long
wrench (and a three foot long cheater pipe). We first dug a trench parallel to the wall and filled it
with cement, then dug beside the wall,ran custom made straps between the wall and the
trench, slowly tightened the high strength nuts onto the straps, and pieced back in the brick at
the crack just over my shoulders. Then we just put back in the matching stone on the driveway
and were done in a week.  We have jacked up entire homes off their foundations on several
occasions but I truly enjoyed this one.
This is one of our custom cabinets that we have made. It was custom milled out of three 1X6
boards and four sheets of birch plywood. It has picture frame shaker style tongue and groove
doors. The two doors with glass fold open and the buck framed stereo tower rolls out on
casters for access to utilities behind. The drawers have an ogee edge and roll out on ball
bearing guides. The larger door to the left is for CD/DvD's. The smaller door on the right is for
easy access to put the salt in the fully concealed water softner. We have built a full line of
entertainment centers and custom circular kitchen counters/cabinets. We have all the
equipment and skill to make any cabinet or finish trim out of any wood.
Do you wish you could find an old world craftsman? This is one of the many splices we have
used for amish appeal. You are looking almost directly up at a beam holding up a roof. The
darker and lighter 8x8 beams are spliced with no glue and no nails.  The light colored shims in
the center of the splice pull the two beams tight together. For those of you who wish to copy this
splice, it works best under continuous load in the center span of three spans (four supports).
This splice is a conversation piece on ceiling beams or collar beams with shaker cabinets.
 Columbus, Ohio             
This is a kitchen we did for the Susi residence. It has Sorrell Maple cabinets with a glass
accent door corner cabinet, granite countertop with stainless steel undermount sink, and
stainless steel appliances.